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“Nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself” Wittgenstein

This article was published in An Phoblacht in 2015 BY ROBBIE SMYTH. First off a confession, it took the Special AKA on the Top of The Pops in 1984 to … Continue reading

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MTV freed Mandela

Published in An Phoblacht, December 2013. By Robbie Smyth. Sinn Fein is a party dedicated to a political struggle for freedom, equality and a just society. They unequivocally supported the … Continue reading

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Sky’s the limit for Irish professional soccer

Published in An Phoblacht, August 2013. BY ROBBIE SMYTH. This article is a year old but with new autumn sports seasons kicking off the issues raised are even more pertinent … Continue reading

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Filming the spirit of freedom

Published in An Phoblacht October 2013. By Robbie Smyth. It seems a simple proposition. Write, cast and direct an accurate thoughtful portrayal of the Irish freedom struggle. The books, biographies, … Continue reading

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Poppy contagion

Watching the sport on Sky last weekend, switching to the NFL coverage and discovered the US presenters were wearing poppies, Why? Turned over later to La Liga coverage and the … Continue reading

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Heytesbury St Hawthorn

I have walked and cycled by this corner, of Heytesbury and Harrington Street. I have travelled in cars and buses for over 40 years, but today was the first day … Continue reading

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Lynn arrested in Brazil, now what about Ireland?

“Brazen Lynn lived openly in Brazil” ….. was the Irish Independent headline today. The paper was reporting on the arrest of Michael Lynn, the former Irish solicitor,  pending his extradition … Continue reading

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